Visible Learning 3 Day Programme For Leaders

Dramatically improve student outcomes by measuring your current performance against the 5 strands of Visible Learning and develop an action plan for whole school improvement. The programme is spaced across 3 days and involves:

Day 1 – Foundation Day

From over 25 years research, 250 million students, 50,000 studies and 800 meta-analyses, unpick the five strands based around the key concepts of the work of John Hattie and what really works best in education:

  • The Visible Learner
  • Know thy impact
  • Inspired and passionate teaching
  • Effective feedback
  • The Visible Learning School

Also, learn which teaching strategies have the biggest effect size and which you should be paying less attention to.

Day 2 – Evidence into Action

Gain a deep understanding of what is occurring in your school by discovering what to collect and how to gather, collate and examine key evidence.

Through the use of the Visible Learning lens, you will receive tools and processes to enable you to gather data and create a matrix for school self-review.

Between Day 2 and Day 3 you will complete an online matrix with Cognition Education to receive an in-depth report that will be used to produce your action plan. 

Day 3 – Evidence into Action

Following a 3 month interval, explore the data you have collated in your school to help you to develop your unique action plan to prioritise your next steps. Draw evidence from the Visible Learning research to help with prioritisation.

Gain access to our post-course support area to browse our back catalogue of course materials. We will also help you understand the next steps for you and your schools development by completing our training needs analysis which we will review and feedback to you.