Visible Learning plus Foundation Day

World-renowned Visible Learning author and expert Professor John Hattie and his team have worked with us exclusively over recent years and if you have been one of the lucky ones to hear him deliver his theories behind his exceptional research, you will know the extraordinary impact it can have on student outcomes.

You can now take advantage of the opportunity to define the success criteria for Visible Learningplus in your own school on our one day course.

Work with the global leaders in evidence-led teaching to understand how you can embed the rigorous methods to monitor teaching effectiveness in order to raise achievement.

Tools that really make a difference

Compare the impact of different practices, initiatives and structures on student learning from the largest ever evidence-based research into what actually works.

From 250 million students, 50,000 studies and 800 meta-analyses, unpick the five strands based around the key concepts of the work of John Hattie:

  • Visible learners
  • Know the impact
  • Inspired and passionate teachers
  • Effective feedback
  • Visible learning schools

Raise student achievement step-by-step

Embed the best approaches and define the success criteria for Visible Learningplus in your school:

Visible Learning research

  • Identify key messages
  • The major factors that influence student achievement
  • What factors make the biggest impact?

Effect sizes

  • The principle and relevance of using effect sizes across all levels of the school
  • Measuring student progress
  • Assessing impact of teaching practices

Visible learners – The key characteristics

  • ”Where am I going?”
  • “How am I going?”
  • “Where to next?”

Leadership Actions

  • Which have the greatest impact on student outcomes?
  • The mindframes needed to impact student achievement

A Visible Learning culture

  • Develop a shared language of “learning intentions”
  • Define a series of success criteria for your ongoing work back in your school

Practical tools, techniques and activities

Gain a teaching toolbox of strategies:


  • Be able to create and use effect sizes for your school data and individual students to measure progress

Auditing provision

  • Visible Learningplus health checks for yourself and your school

Teaching strategies that really work

  • Teacher toolbox of metacognitive strategies

Building trust

  • Measure relational trust in your school


  • Practice giving feedback using the four-step instructional feedback model

Gain access to our post-course support area to browse our back catalogue of course materials. We will also help you understand the next steps for you and your schools development by completing our training needs analysis which we will review and feedback to you.