Whole School Programme

What is the Visible Learningplus Programme?

This game-changing programme, based on Professor John Hattie’s internationally-renowned research is available exclusively in the UK through Osiris Educational and developed by Cognition Education.

It is an in-depth model of change exploring how to use evidence to create innovation in the learning environment. Hattie’s 20 years of research – a synthesis of more than 800 meta-analyses – is regarded as the most significant evidence-based research into what actually works best in schools to improve learning.

What are the benefits for my school?

The Visible Learning Whole School Programme will transform your organisation, accelerating the process of individual and whole-school change.

It does this by building the capacity of:
learners to learn,
teachers to teach,
leaders to lead and
systems to improve.

This exciting programme is appropriate for everyone in the school: from newly-qualified teachers right through to senior leaders.

The Five Key Strands of the Visible Learning
  • The visible learner;
  • Know thy impact;
  • Inspired and passionate teaching;
  • Effective feedback;
  • The Visible Learning school.
How the training is delivered

All training is delivered by our accredited trainers who have been carefully trainer by Professor John Hattie and the Cognition team.

There are three detailed programmes, specifically designed for each level in your school:

The Foundation day for the whole school all staff
Visible Learning 3 Day Programme For Leaders
Visible Learning 3 Day Programme For Teachers

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